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Recommended Reading
Whilst some would say "You are what you eat", the more philosophical take on the subject would be: "You are what you read". I have found this to be definitely the case with me. Several books has had a profound influence on my life. They "shaped" me - if you will - into the person I am today. More than ever am I convinced that the books you read are as important - if not more so - than the people you surround yourself with. I regard the books below as my "mentors". They stimulated growth in my life. Numerous times have I felt that a specific book was God's answer for a particular time in my life, as it guided me through the decisions I had to make. For navigational purposes I divided the books in different categories. The books themselves, are not listed in a particular order. Maybe it can be of use for u too.


Nati Stander is husband to Lindie, a father of three courageous boys, the son of two wonderful parents – and (even till this day) a pain in the neck for his younger sister. He is a member of three growing families: His own, his inlaws’ and a spiritual family where he is one of three pastors of a local church in the picturesque Lowveld of South Africa. He takes a special interest in the finished work of Christ and how this pertains to our new identity in Christ. Furthermore he is fascinated with all things regarding leadership. But the most important fact about Nati Stander, is that he belongs to Jesus. Without deserving it, he was bought with the precious blood of Christ. Today he tries to bestow the same grace to others that was extended towards him.