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Evidence for God ~ Dembski & Licona

Evidence For God

The Reason For God ~ Keller

The Reason For God

On Guard ~ William Lane Craig

On Guard

Putting Jesus in His Place ~ Bowman & Komoszewski

Putting Jesus in His Place

The Rage Against God ~ Peter Hitchens


Simply Christian ~ N.T. Wright


Letters From A Sceptic ~ Greg Boyd


Is God a Moral Monster ~ Paul Copan

Is God a moral monster

Show them no mercy ~ Cowles, Gard, Gundry, Merril, Longman

Show them no mercy 4 Views

Surprised by meaning ~ Alister E. McGrath


Mere Apologetics ~ Alister E. McGrath

Mere Apologetics

The Language Of God ~ Francis Collins

The language of God

Hard Questions, Real Answers. ~ William Lane Craig

hard-qs-real-as lrg

Where The Conflict Really Lies ~ Plantinga

Where The Conflict Really Lies

Reasonable Faith ~ William Lane Craig

Reasonable Faith

Questions To All Your Answers ~ Roger Olsen

Questions to all your answers

Philosophical Foundations For A Christian Worldview ~ Moreland

Philosophical Foundations

Mere Christianity ~ C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity