New Testament

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Jesus and the eyewitnesses ~ Richard Baukham

Jesus And The Eyewitnesses

Is the New Testament Reliable? ~ Paul Barnett

Is The New Testament Reliable

Jesus and His World ~ Craig Evans


The Resurrection Of Jesus ~ Michael Licona

The Resurrection Of Jesus

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels ~ Craig Blomberg

The Historical Reliability Of The Gospels

Did St Paul get Jesus right? ~ David Wenham

Did Paul get Jesus

The New Testament Documents. Are they reliable? ~ F.F. Bruce

New Testament Documents_Are They Reliable

How God became King ~ N.T. Wright

How God became King

Jesus and the Gospels ~ Craig Blomberg

Jesus And The Gospels

The King Jesus Gospel ~ Scot McKnight

King Jesus Gospel

The New Perspective On Paul ~ K.L. Yinger


The Jesus Quest ~ Ben Witherington

Jesus Quest

The Resurrection Of The Son Of God ~ N.T. Wright


Pauline Christology ~ Gordon Fee

Pauline Christology

Paul. Apostle Of Liberty ~ Richard Longenecker

Paul Apostle ofLiberty

The Parables Of Jesus ~ A.J. Hultgren

Parables Of Jesus Hultgren

Coming Of The Kingdom ~ Herman Ridderbos

Coming Of The Kingdom

The Faith Of Jesus Christ ~ Richard B Hays

Faith Of Christ

The New Testament World ~ Bruce Malina

The New Testament World

The Text Of The New Testament ~ Bruce Metzger

The Text Of The New Testament

Paul. Follower Of Jesus Or Founder Of Christianity? ~ David Wenham

Follower of Founder

Commentary on the New Testament use of the Old Testament ~ G.K. Beale

Commentary On The NT use of OT

Handbook Of Biblical Social Values ~ Bruce Malina

Handbook Of Biblical Social Values

The Social Sciences And New Testament Interpretation ~ Richard Rohrbaugh

Social Sciences and New Testament Interpretation

Simply Jesus ~ N.T. Wright

Simply Jesus

The Challenge Of Jesus ~N.T. Wright

The Challenge Of Jesus