Old Testament

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Theology Of The Old Testament ~ Walter Brueggemann

Theology Of The Old Testament_Brueggeman

Old Testament documents. Are They Reliable? ~ Walter Kaiser

OT Documents_Reliable and Relevant Kaiser

The Rise Of Yahwism ~ De Moor

The Rise Of Yahwism

The Art Of Biblical Narrative ~ Robert Alter

Biblical Narrative

The Growth Of The Biblical Tradition ~ Klaus Koch

The Growth Of Biblical Tradition_Koch

Theology Of The Old Testament ~ Walther Eichrodt

Theology of The Old Testament Walther Eichordt

The Meaning Of The Creation ~ Conrad Hyers

The Meaning Of Creation

Ancient Israel ~ De Vaux

Ancient Israel_Roland De Vaux

Among the Host Of Heaven ~ Handy

Among The Host Of Heaven

Prophetic Imagination ~ Walter Brueggemann

Prophetic Imagination

The Authority Of The Old Testament ~ John Bright

The Authority Of The Old Testament

Elements Of Old Testament Theology ~ Claus Westermann

Elements of Old Testament Theology

The Evolution Of Adam ~ Peter Enns

Evolution Of Adam

The Religion Of Ancient Israel ~ Miller


Preaching & Teaching From The Old Testament ~ Kaiser

Preaching And Teaching From The Old Testament

History Of Israel ~ Hinson

History Of Israel_Hinson

The Case For The Psalms ~ N.T. Wright

case for the psalms

The Psalms & The Life Of Faith ~ Walter Brueggemann

Psalms_The Life Of Faith

Holiness To The Lord ~ Ross

Holiness to the Lord

Social World Of Ancient Israel ~ Matthews

Social World of Ancient Israel

Old Testament Theology ~ Hasel

Old Testament Theology_Hasel

The Popular Handbook Of Archaeology And The Bible ~ Geisler

Popular Archaeology

A History Of Israel ~ John Bright

A History of Israel_Bright

Knowing Jesus Through The Old Testament ~ Wright


Reality. Grief. Hope. ~ Walter Brueggemann


The Feasts Of The Lord ~ Howard / Rosenthal

The Feasts Of The Lord

The Word That Redescribes The World ~ Brueggemann

The Word that redescribes the world

The Messiah In The Old Testament ~ Walter Kaiser

The Messiah In The Old Testament

The Shadow Of Christ In The Law Of Moses ~ Poythress


Thus Shalt Thou Serve ~ Slemming

Thus Serve